Throughout my life, I've been inspiring friends and family to find their love of food and ignite their passion in the kitchen and now I want to inspire you!

 Who Runs Managing The Kitchen Anyway?

Hi there! My name is Nicole, and along with my naughty dog Oli (OO-Lee), I love to cook up a storm in the kitchen. I'm a small town girl from a large and loving family who loves to travel and explore the world through food and different tastes! I've been managing kitchens with whatever authority I could carry since I was old enough to hold a hand mixer. I grew up in the many kitchens of my family and friends, and developed a passion for the amazing power that food holds to bring us together and to fill us with love. I am always trying to eat the healthiest way possible without sacrificing any flavor! I hope you'll come explore with me!

I grew up on a farm in a small town where I learned to truly appreciate hard work, understanding where our food comes from and how it was raised. My family is full of strong and creative people who have inspired the person I am today, and who are constantly cooking up amazing food. Our family adventures and gatherings are always centered around eating and drinking together and always sharing good times. I hope I can inspire you and your family to do the same, gathered around an amazing dish.

I love to keep in touch and am always interested in what your cooking up, your favorites foods to try, and I'd love to know if there is a recipe I can try to make that is special to you. Please feel free to Contact Me anytime!